every Sunday we gather together as a body to worship God through fellowship, singing, the preaching of the word, and prayer. 
our first service begins at 9:00 and our second service begins at 10:30.
Sunday school
during both of our services we offer adult Sunday school. this is a great opportunity to learn more about who God is, and the kind of relationship he wants with you!
9:00 Sunday school
10:30 Sunday school
Kid’s min
the heartbeat of our kids ministry is to disciple our students through relationship building and the teaching of the bible.
over the next three years we will study the whole bible genesis to Revelation. 
Reignite youth
at crossview we love our youth!
we see them as not only the future of the church, but as active participants in our body. with this in mind we strive to disciple our students so that they can take Jesus into a world who desperately needs him.
have you ever felt like you just need a break?
a time to refresh, refocus, to return to God?
Well come to the OAsis!
every Wednesday from 7:00-8:00pm we gather to study a section of God’s word. our current series is in the book of revelation.
we would love to have you join us!  
Small Groups
fellowship…fellowship is what brings us together today!
all kidding aside we know that for two hours on Sunday mornings it can be tough to build relationships. that’s where small groups are crucial! it is our hope that you get plugged into to a small group to deepen your fellowship with the body, and ultimately grow closer to God. if you are looking for a list of small group options contact pastor Jacob at farmingpastor@gmail.com
men’s ministry
what is the true measure of a man?
is it strength? a great beard? the ability to drink a full pot of coffee without getting jittery?
In reality none of these things are the mark of a true man.
What makes a true man is a dependence on God. so every Saturday morning at 8:00am we gather at our trough creek campus to eat breakfast and join in fellowship through conversation about God’s word. We would love to see you there!
Women’s ministry
Proverbs 31:30 says that,
“a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”
It is the goal of our women’s ministry to raise up godly woman who love the lord with all their heart, and desire to see the Gospel furthered. we are currently doing the study Finding I am. we meet every other Wednesday at our trough creek campus starting 1/29/20.
we also hold a sewing event called dress a girl. we have sewn over 1,100 dresses to send to impoverished girls all over the world to help prevent sex trafficking. in addition we sew quilts with the remaining fabric to send to an inner city ministry in Philadelphia.